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With music that relates to everyday people and their concerns, Civil Allen is an artist whose message is timeless. His music is a cross-blend of Pop, Rock, Smooth Jazz, Blues and New Age with a fresh, unique, and seductive nature that invokes a mood. Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA he now resides in the Sacramento, CA metropolitan area. With three previous album releases to his credit, this artist is a veteran in the studio who plays drums, guitar, bass, keyboards, and percussion on all of his albums. Allen is also a Recording Engineer and Producer. He has produced several other local artists previously. One of his primary goals is to score music for movies. The Indie group known as Phantom Phorty, whose debut album release entitled “Phylogeny”, is an underground favorite is also a project in which Civil Allen is the founder and heavily involved. “Music is the best way I know of for me to communicate, address inequality, and raise social consciousness”, says Allen. His philosophy is old and simple one: Treat others as you yourself want to be treated and it will show in your music and your overall quality of life.


Apparition - Synthesizers * Civil Allen - Guitar, Drums, Percussion * Illusion - Guitar * Visionary - Keyboards

The Phantom is in, and the sounds that travel the airwaves will move over you like a long dark calm winter's night. This ethereal awareness reaches a high on Phylogeny, the debut album from this eclectic and aloof project. This four person alliance, refers to their efforts as a "project" as opposed to a band. Various artists can come and be a part of this project anonymously if they are a good fit, says Apparition. "It's total freedom for musicians who want to explore and be a part of this multi-genre effort without alienating any of their fans." Phantom Phorty formed in Philadelphia and are now based in the Sacramento California region. Their debut CD is a powerful statement from this elusive low profile project. They do not allow themselves to be photographed and avoid it whenever they can. Most of the members choose to keep their true identities a secret. "We want the music to come first", says Visionary. The better known member of the project is recording artist "Civil Allen". Phantom Phorty's music is not afraid to change, lift and carry you to childhood thoughts and memories and never forgets to bring you home again every time. Their music looks at the soul and brings out the beauty of life. "The messages you need to hear are always there in our music", says Apparition. "They are left there for you to find".